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Finding it difficult to find a property to call your home?

Finding it difficult to find a property to call your home? We have a Specialist Housing team committed to providing the right kind of care and support to help you live as independently as possible.

Who can we help?

The eligibility criteria for our services help to make sure that we provide services fairly..
  • You must live in Trafford or Greater Manchester.
  • You must be substantially and permanently disabled, according to Section 29(1) of the National Assistance Act 1948. For adaptations to your home, you must be substantially and permanently disabled according to the Housing Grants, Construction and Regeneration Act 1996.
  • Your disability must make it much more difficult for you to carry out normal, daily activities in your home, such as dressing, washing and going to the toilet. If you have a carer who helps you with these tasks, then they could help with the assessment process.
You will have to meet the criteria for local funding and the authorities must be prepared to support this through building regulations and planning departments. If you do not meet the criteria, we may not be able to provide you with service.

Assessing your needs

We will then arrange for someone to visit you to find out what daily activities you find difficult to carry out in your home and what your needs are.

It may be that you are in a long stay care facility such as a hospital, nursing home or residential care home and you have no current tenancy and you need a new home in the community.

This is called an assessment. Whoever visits you, will also check to see if you meet the eligibility criteria. We will not be able to give you an answer immediately we will have to liaise with all the people that currently help and support you and fund you at the moment but we will let you know how long this may take.

After the assessment

Once your needs have been assessed and if you meet the eligibility criteria, we will give you a copy of our recommendations.

If you think we may be able to help you, then you should contact us by clicking the tab on this page and making a referral to us.

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